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Friday 26th July, 2019|Category: News

It is a time of change at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel as after 18 years of ownership Jonathan Morcom and Walter Combstock have handed over the keys to Bespoke Hotels. Bespoke Hotels operate over 200 properties world wide, including over 65 properties in the UK currently, with the Duke being the first in Plymouth.

Selling the hotel was not an easy decision for Jonathan and Walter, however they felt the time was right for them with lots of hotel developments planned in the area.

Bespoke Hotels realise the great potential of the Duke, and were interested as soon as they saw it on the market.

The transition of the hotel from Best Western to Bespoke Hotels will be seamless for our guests, and all bookings we have will remain unaffected. The same team will remain, and the hotel will be managed by Peter Adams, who first started working at the Duke in 1994. The team are looking forward to supporting Peter in his new role and ensuring that the high level of standards and customer service he expects are exceeded.

Thank you to Jonathan and Walter for their love and dedication to the hotel over the years- they will certainly be missed. The team are all looking forward to the next chapter in the Duke story, and ensuring that the hotel remains a gem in the crown of Plymouth.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the change of ownership, please call our friendly reception team on 01752 275850, or email

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Building Improvements - We are having some external building improvements, which may include some scaffolding. We hope this won’t detract from your stay experience, if you have any concerns please get in touch.

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