Fun at West Hoe Park

Friday 25th May, 2018|Category: News

It is that time of year again where our team have been busy at West Hoe Fun Park preparing the train and boat for the summer season ahead!

In 2015 we first started our journey with the train and boat at West Hoe Fun Park. The park is so beautifully maintained, but these two items needed some TLC. Walter Combstock has fond memories of the park with his children and now grandchildren and with Jonathan Morcom the joint owners of the hotel were keen to invest in the local community. We received such a fantastic reaction and took such a pride in the work that we pledged to maintain the play equipment on an annual basis. Four years on and off went Ian and Bill for a day in the sun on Tuesday as they restored the boat and train for another year of magical journeys. Here the pair are pictured squinting in the sun, it really is a hard life!

This year we had a lot less to do, the train was in very good order, the driver and passenger seats needed the most work. The boat definitely needed some love and had clearly been taken on some exciting voyages over the last 12 months!

We are delighted that they are ready ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend and look forward to them being enjoyed by residents and visitors as the summer continues. Long may this weather shine over us!

This project was the first step of our Make a Difference for Mayflower 400 Campaign. Click here to read our past blog posts on the train and boat.

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