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Wednesday 12th December, 2018|Category: News

This month’s supplier love celebrates the talented Lewis Belcher owner of LB Magic UK. We have worked closely together for a number of years on our Mini Wedding Collections for engaged couples and weddings at the hotel. Lewis is fantastic at what he does and really brings the wow factor to a wedding, entertaining guests with a series of clever and exciting close up tricks. His charm and professionalism set him apart from others in the industry, you really do need to see him perform!

Mini Wedding Collection March 2017 – Image 1: Mimosa Photography; Image 2: Duke Team

We sat down for a cuppa to share more about him and his business… Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Lewis!

Have you always wanted to perform?

I actually had stage fright, and only ever performed as a hobby initially from the age of 8 when my Gran bought me a magic trick. Then over the years as I improved, and became more interested in the performance aspect of the magic, people came to me asking to do the odd birthday, or event etc. The rest is history as they say!

What do you believe makes you stand out?

For me it is definitely my style and the way I have with people. It is a difficult question to answer without blowing my own trumpet, but the way I interact, and really bring people ‘in to the magic’ is certainly unique to me and is what sets me apart from the competition.

Mini Wedding Collection October 2017 – Images 1-3: UpArt Photography

What has been your favourite wedding/event to perform at?

This is very difficult to answer as I really do enjoy performing at them all! Weddings are definitely my favourite as I enjoy seeing everyone enjoying themselves. The good thing with my job is it’s usually a celebration, such as wedding, birthday, office party, anniversary etc so I get to see people smiling and at times in their lives that are milestones.

What advice would you give to a couple looking to hire a magician for their special day?

Meet them. Don’t just go on price. You get what you pay for. Anyone can say they are ‘professional’, but the experience with people and within their trade will show through either in photographs, videos and meeting them face to face. Quite often even a phone conversation will tell you a lot about the magician’s personality. We have to remember, the guests at the events may not even know I am attending, so I have to be able to win them over and put them at ease within the first few seconds. That in itself has taken me years of practise.

Image 1: Mini Wedding Collection March 2018 – UpArt Photography; image 2: Mini Wedding Collection October 2018 – Jay Stone Photography

Have you seen an increase in the number of wedding bookings in recent years? Has close up magic become a trend?

I have, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know whether this is due to the increase in my exposure, or the increase in magic on tv. I feel it is a mixture of the two. Magic is now a lot more mainstream and accepted. It is cool. When I started 19 years ago, it wasn’t what it is today. I often have bookings 1-2 years in advance.

Are you constantly expanding your repertoire and working on your next act?

It is important for me to keep learning new material and not just for my spectators. I like to continually challenge myself to expand my repertoire, and I never have a set order of tricks to perform. I go with the flow and adapt as the event unfolds. This keeps it exciting and much more personal for the guests attending.

What does the future hold for LB Magic UK?

Certainly a continuation of the magic everyone that has seen me has come to love to watch. I will always continue to grow the business within Devon and Cornwall. I have recently been performing more and more ‘out of county’ and I have been asked to perform for two weeks in India at a well known ‘magic house’ similar to the style of the ‘magic castle’ in LA America. (Google will tell you all about that one, which would need an article in itself to give that theatre the justice it deserves) The short answer is that all I know for sure, is that I am up for whatever challenges lie ahead and the next few years will be far from boring in that regard!

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

I feel I have given a good overview of not just what I offer, but our industry as a whole. The only part I know is so so important is that as an entertainer, you cannot compare entertainers purely on their website or photographs. Please look at people’s reviews, and take time to read them. Any magician worth their salt will have a plethora of reviews and information about them online. The odd award here or there helps, and of course belonging to a professional body such as the two I am members of; Equity Performers Guild and The Magic Circle are a must for any professional magician. Both of these you cannot just pay to join and have to pass a multitude of criteria to become a member.

On a final note we would like to congratulate Lewis on winning the Best Wedding Entertainment 2018, at the Simply Wedding Awards. Truly deserved and all of the team are thrilled for you!

If you think Lewis could be the perfect addition to you wedding, click here to get in touch.

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