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Thursday 13th October, 2016|Category: News

On the 22nd July we hosted an incredible event launching a brand new charity. We wanted to share a little more about who they are and what they do…

“Little Things is a small UK based organisation providing clothing for babies who were born too small and too soon. Many babies are born so small that shop bought clothing is far too large. At Little Things we believe that every child, regardless of size should have the same rights and EVERY child, should be ‘dressed with dignity’.”

We took time out to chat to with LeighAnne and ask her all about her charity and the amazing work she does.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is LeighAnne Hedges and I am the founder and Director of Plymouth based charity Little Things and Co. I am engaged to be married to Matt, a mum to Lucy and my angel baby Beau. My full time job is a Funeral Director for Walter C Parson.

Tell us what your charity Little Things does.
Little Things was initially created to supply tiny clothing to babies born too soon. We have since expanded our services to offer practical and emotional support to those bereaved by the loss of a child. We have a support group once a month, we built Little Haven – the dedicated baby memorial garden at Derriford Hospital and we launched four new services in the summer which you can find out about on our website.

What inspired you to set this charity up?
I was looking after a tiny baby through my job who had no clothing to fit his tiny delicate size. I handmade something and after research found this was actually a common problem. Little Things was born from there.

Tell us why what you do is so important?
The services available to baby loss, although improving still has many gaps. The extra services are intended to begin to bridge those gaps and improve the dreadful experience of losing a child. Everything that we do cannot change the ultimate fact that a baby has died, but we can help to improve the aftercare and make the process as gentle as we can for grieving parents.

What does the future hold for Little Things?
We have lots of new plans and can see that there is still much to be done. However, we need to ensure the services we currently offer are done to the highest standard so we will continue to maintain these and look to introduce new things next year.

How can people help?
We always need volunteers, so if you feel you can help please email us at or call 07779 990993.

If you would like to learn more about this charity and the work they do, or if you would like to offer your support you can visit their Facebook, Twitter or Website.

Here at The Duke we think it is such a worthwhile and important charity to support and we wanted to make more people aware of the work they do.

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