Plymouth Art Weekender at The Red House

Wednesday 24th August, 2016|Category: News

Plymouth Art Weekender, an ambitious three-day event celebrating the arts across the city, will take place between Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th September. Following a successful 2015 event the Weekender will take over the city and promote Plymouth as a contemporary art destination that promotes participation in a wide range of exhibitions and exciting activities for all ages.

A full schedule of events can be found here.

At the Duke of Cornwall Hotel we want to celebrate this amazing festival that’s happening on our doorstep!

One of the locations that is being used for the festival is the Plymouth School of Creative Arts, known as The Red House (just down the road from us!) so we can pop down and enjoy the beautiful artwork on display and maybe take part in a workshop or five!

With so much on offer there is bound to be something that catches your eye!

You can find the following at PSCA.


art foregiesArt Forgeries: Erin Bailey
Plymouth School of Creative Arts.
12-4pm Sat 24th Sept

Workshop and Exhibition exploring a variety of processes and materials. We will be creating our own ‘forged’ artworks on a large scale, through collaboration and teamwork. The artists studied will include Miro, Pollock, Wearing, Matisse, Mondrian realised through processes such as photography, collage, painting, construction and printmaking.

The workshops are primarily designed for children to participate with each other, though families are actively encouraged to pitch in too! – sharing skills and ideas along the way.


oliver bThe Old Mechanics
Oliver Braid
Plymouth School of Creative Arts
11-5, Sat / Sun

The Old Mechanics is a new research project by Oliver Braid investigating the uses of art and the value of utility. For his contribution to Plymouth Art Weekender Oliver will hold a series of informal studio visits around the city with people who ‘became artists’ after retiring from employment ; aiming to discover more about art made by people who have spent their lives being useful for others.

The Old Mechanics premiered at Edinburgh Art Festival, before travelling to Liverpool Biennial Fringe and Plymouth Art Weekender.

Presented with support from Creative Scotland.

Oliver Braid is an acquired taste living and working on Phew, an island off the coast of Glasgow. Solo exhibitions include ‘The Nude Ignity’ , Vane, Newcastle (2016), ‘The one where we wonder what Friends did’, WASPS, Glasgow (2015), ‘Snorlax Beanbag’, Intermedia Gallery, CCA Glasgow, ‘Communal Dolphin Snouting’, Transmission, Glasgow (2013), ‘My Five New Friends’, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2012), and ‘I’ll Look Forward To It’, Collective, Edinburgh, (2011). In 2013, he undertook a residency at Triangle France, and in 2014 was awarded a Creative Scotland Artist Bursary. In 2015 he was in residence at Cooper Gallery, Dundee, and launched his seasonal event venue, Phew.


roryRewritten Narratives
Rory Duckhouse
Plymouth School of Creative Arts, 
11-5pm, 24th September 2016

Rewritten Narratives is a participatory project based on the process of exchange. Visitors are invited to take an image in exchange for a text in response to it (this could be fictional, descriptive, a memory etc). The text will then replace where the image was taken from. The images were bought online from eBay so through their sale, they have been removed from their original context, a context that gives them their value as documents. Peoples personal histories are bought for values under £10 with little consequence of what this means, years of history forgotten and deemed largely unknowable. So through the exchange process, the images will be re-contextualised as art objects, and infused with new meanings.

With more images being taken daily than ever before and shared worldwide, Rewritten Narratives asks what are the implications of this? And where might these images end up


balanceBalancing Act
Janie Nicoll
Plymouth School Of Creative Arts
11-5 Sat/Sun

Balancing Act” is a large scale site specific collage work made using everyday detritus, such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, and leaflets. Nicoll intentionally uses these materials, that are by default, physically ephemeral yet content-rich; that already attempt to tap into a collective psyche of the intended audience, and form a random ‘ready made’ narrative that mirrors various aspects of the cultural and political environment. The installation fills the allocated space, evolving into a slightly surreal tableau of clown-like pandas. This seemingly playful imagery hints at a darker undercurrent, when inspected more closely.


oh bleakOH BLEAK
Plymouth School of Creative Arts,
Wes Gilpin, Cecelia Johnson, Jemima Thomas. (More TBA)
11-5pm 23 – 25 Sept

We wish to remain in a space of flux and slippage. To let becoming and being operate together; dismantling dualistic ways understanding. Within a space of communal making through which new discourses emerge & spill into new contexts, all work enters a horizontal plain. We wish to capture the political shifts that take place when one work is seen through the relations to its surrounding practices. Such relations are where a contingent radicality resides and we wish to tease it out.

We have invited local, national & international artists to take part in our project which will take place within the Gynasium in Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Over the 3 days, we will work within the space as an interdisciplinary collective; creating responsive &  interconnected works which will constantly fluctuate and change. Come on down and pay us a visit!


sisterSister Sister
Studio one, Plymouth School of Creative Arts
10am – 4pm, Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th September

Rosie King / LOW PROFILE / Beth Emily Richards / Molly Rooke / Clare Thornton

Sister Sister is a group exhibition presenting the work of Rosie King, LOW PROFILE, Beth Emily Richards, Molly Rooke and Clare Thornton. These Plymouth-based artists present research materials, works in progress, props and starting points for conversations.



We are sure that the 2016 Plymouth Art Weekender is going to be even bigger and better than last year. We hope you will support the city and attend some of the incredible exhibitions and workshops that are on offer. Enjoy!

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