110 Years of Improving Lives in Plymouth!

Wednesday 29th March, 2017|Category: News

Today marked a double celebration for the Plymouth Guild, not only are they celebrating their 110th Anniversary, but they also changed their name to Improving Lives Plymouth!

It was a true honour for us to be invited to share in the occasion. We enjoyed listened to CEO George Plenderleith, his commitment to the organisation is incredible and his role as CEO for the past 20 years has seen huge changes and developments as required by the people of the city. The organisations response to the needs of individuals and communities has been powerful. Listening to George read out the initial purpose of the organisation in 1907 was thought provoking.

Chairman Jeremy Pritchard went on to say how this was not just an anniversary year, but a renaming of one of Plymouth’s oldest charities. He talked about their experience and service to the people of Plymouth and how the new name affects their aspirations as they enter this new chapter for the established organisation.

His key message was that people were at the heart of all they do and the name change was about benefiting those who will be able to identify how the charity can support them in the future.

With over 17000 people supported annually, the organisation need support to continue their good work for the next 110 years!

We have just partnered with Improving Lives Plymouth on the Make a Difference for Mayflower 400 campaign. We have seen first-hand how committed and incredibly hard the team work to deliver as best they can for the people of Plymouth. We look forward to developing our relationship and would urge any businesses to look into all that this crucial organisation do and how you could get involved and offer support. They are involved in so many projects that cover a variety of skills and talents, there is something for everyone and every sized business.

Make a Difference for Mayflower 400 Meeting

Congratulations to George, Claire and every member of staff and all of the vital volunteers that make their work possible. For more information please check out their website and follow them on Twitter @PlymouthGuild – we are sure the handle will soon change!

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