Becoming a Mayflower Maker

Wednesday 6th June, 2018|Category: News

The following information was provided by the team at Improving Lives Plymouth. For full details, click here.

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador for the Mayflower 400 initiative? Sign up as a Mayflower Maker where you will receive training on the story of Mayflower and the events diary.

Mayflower Makers are local people trained as Mayflower Ambassadors to be Mayflower Makers. They will have conversations in their local community about Mayflower 400’s history, cultural projects, and landmarks within the city.

Mayflower Makers will:

– Share the Mayflower story
– Explain Mayflower 400
– Promote the events calendar for the Mayflower programme
– Signpost people to Mayflower events and inform them on how they can volunteer at these
– Educate the public and encourage Mayflower being talked about in communities, and places such as; in workplaces, in pubs and supermarkets.

Course Outline

To obtain knowledge about Mayflower 400 and how individuals, organisations, and businesses can get involved


Understand the Mayflower Story in relation to;

– the religious reasons that the Pilgrims left England
– the difficulties faced by the travellers on their journey
– the impact on the Native Americans
– the significance of the story for Plymouth, UK

Understand Mayflower signposting

Explain the Mayflower calendar and how people can get involved

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