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On Monday (4th July) the Devon Chamber of Commerce launched their new campaign the #EUandMe.  Following the result of the EU Referendum on 24th June and the uncertainty since that point, The Duke of Cornwall is keen to show our support for this important campaign.

We believe that our business is defined by our people. So many friendly faces from around the world have been a part of the hotel’s long history.  Today’s strong and capable team is dynamic, diverse, hugely experienced and drawn from right across Europe and beyond.

We thought you might like to meet some of our stars, starting with Sandra Douskova, our Reception Manager. Sandra - Instagram photo

I have lived in the UK for 15 years and worked at the Duke for three years. I originally moved here from the Czech Republic after studying a course provided by the EU called the Leonardo Scheme, part of the course was a six month placement in the UK and I was offered a job straight after the placement!

I love my job at the Duke. I love the history of the building and the way the hotel is run, it is individual and independent and not being tied to a chain is great – you are treated as a person, your voice can get heard and you work as a team.

My role allows me to make relationships with regular guests, you get to know them, get to know their life, and the hotel is a home from home for them. It is relaxed here, it’s like family visiting your house! I enjoy that element of the job.

My long term goal has always been to stay in the UK, this is my home. I have a mortgage, a partner, two dogs, this is where my life is.”

Mel - Instagram Photo


Melinda Berecki has worked as a Supervisor and Room Assistant for over two years.

I have lived in the UK for three years, when I moved from Romania I started working in London, I then moved to the South West. I love working at the Duke because everybody lets you do your job and I enjoy the team I work with. We go out for drinks, it’s very social. My long term goal was to stay in the UK but now we will see. I think positively all the time, I am just working and happy.”


Gosha - Instagram photo



Malgorzata Piasecka joined our Reception team in 2014.

“I moved from Poland just over two and a half years ago. I like travelling and I want to live in different countries before I settle down. I want to experience something new and with a new job, you meet new people and you can learn so much from different nationalities. At the Duke I love the multicultural environment. We are a really good team, working well together and I enjoy the positive atmosphere.”



Hotel Directors Walter Combstock and Jonathan Morcom are proud of their team:

Group photo“We have always felt that having an international workforce has added value to our team due to the different experience and perspectives people from other nations can bring. But it’s not only about work, it’s also about enjoying being part of a mix of cultures and personalities.

In fact we were the first hotel in the UK to run the Leonardo Scheme, which offered students from international colleges an opportunity to come and train with us. We then encouraged our staff to go and gain experience in other countries through an exchange programme. It was beneficial for all involved, on an individual basis people gained so much and as a business we reaped the rewards. Years later what we have seen is that so many people who came through that scheme have continued with their careers, gained experience and later asked to return to the hotel bringing all they have learnt with them. Everyone we employ enhances the business and we are fortunate to have the best!

The leisure and tourism industry is multi-cultural and it works, people communicate with people, we are very fortunate to have a multi-cultural family and it is good for our business.

In this uncertain time we want all of our team to know how valued they are, every individual plays an integral role in delivering the first class service that we have prided ourselves on since day one, and will continue to be an essential part of what makes the Duke of Cornwall so special to us.”

The Duke of Cornwall Hotel is committed to the environment and our sustainability, we are members of Green Tourism and encourage all of our guests and staff to join our journey.
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