Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Starts: Thursday 6th April 2017
Ends: Saturday 15th April 2017
From: 7:00 pm

We absolutely love the Barbican Theatre and the wide variety of talent they bring to the city! Following the popularity of their co-production of The Jungle Book, Le Navet Bete are set to return for what promises to be a sell out show of Dracula: The Bloody Truth! For full details and to purchase tickets, please click here to visit the Barbican Theatre website, where the following information was taken from.

Barbican Theatre are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with The Plymouth Athenaeum to bring Le Navet Bete’s new show Dracula: The Bloody Truth to it’s stage in April 2017, to open the glorious Athenaeum theatre for the city of Plymouth at Easter once again.

Barbican Theatre first met Le Navet Bete in 2008 and have worked closely with them ever since on six co-productions. Following sell out versions of The Wizard of Oz and Robin Hood and His Merry Men the past two Christmases, Le Navet Bete and Barbican Theatre’s 2016 Christmas production of The Jungle Book opens on 13 December (which also looks to sell out with 93% tickets for the 46 performances already sold by opening night).

Sheila Snellgrove, CEO of Barbican Theatre says

Dracula: The Bloody Truth is produced by Le Navet Bete in association with Exeter Northcott Theatre. Le Navet Bete are committed to creating hilarious, physical and totally accessible comedy theatre using creative and engaging storytelling. Dracula: The Bloody Truth is a theatrical retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. It will expose that the events recorded in 1897 were not fiction at all…. but fact. This brand new comedy theatre show will take audiences on a journey across Europe from the dark and sinister Transylvanian mountains to the awkwardly charming seaside town of Whitby and into the world of the supernatural, educating us all on the perils of dealing with vampires.

Set shortly after 1897 audiences will be introduced to Professor Abraham Van Helsing educating the world on the actual events of Dracula through his first ever theatre tour which he himself has produced and is in fact…starring in.

Professor Van Helsing and the three actors he has commissioned will present this ‘true story’ through the mediums of song, dance, soliloquy, shadow puppets and even some Victorian parlour tricks that will always go exactly as planned…supposedly.

Directed by John Nicholson (Peepolykus) ‘Dracula: The Bloody Truth’ promises to have the vampires back in the ground and leave the audience flying high.

Al Dunn from Le Navet Bete says

There will be a total of 10 performances of Dracula: The Bloody Truth at The Plymouth Athenaeum between Thursday 6 April and Saturday 15 April (seven evening and three matinees – age guidance 8+).

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