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Monday 3rd September, 2018|Category: News
Wedding couple signing register - Jay Stone Photography
Jay Stone Photography
Newly married couple showered with confetti - Jay Stone Photography
Jay Stone Photography

Have you ever wondered how much people spend on their dream wedding day, and what the biggest expenses are for the average wedding? Well, we are delighted to say that we can help to satisfy your curiosity! Hitched released an annual report detailing interesting facts surrounding the latest wedding trends, average wedding spends and the top honeymoon destinations. Below are some of the facts we found to be the most interesting…


An analysis of data from 2017 revealed that the average spend on weddings was £27,161. This is an increase of over £2,000.00 from the 2016 data.

The biggest expenses are as follows…
1) Venue
2) Honeymoon
3) Food
4) Engagement Ring (lucky ladies!!)
5) Drink

It has also highlighted that the age old tradition of the father of the bride covering the cost of the wedding is no more, as 51% of couples now pay for their own wedding (with some help from their families).

UpArt Photography
UpArt Photography

The Proposal

Despite 2017 not being a leap year, 11% of people proposed to their man. We hope that this is a trend that continues to grow.

On average, couples are together for 4 years before getting engaged. However 2% of of couples in 2017 were together for less than 6 months! When you know, you know!

Norsworthy Weddings
Norsworthy Weddings


The average couple take 12 months to plan their big day, however some super organised people (5%) planned their weddings in under 3 months!

Undoubtedly, one thing that the majority of brides most look forward to is dress shopping! What better way to spend an afternoon – with close family and friends, trying on lots of different dresses, searching for the ‘say yes to the dress’ moment. The study suggested that most brides visit an average of 3 boutiques before finding ‘the one’. The typical spend on a wedding dress in 2017 was £1,209.00.

Mimosa Photography
Mimosa Photography


Usually, the bride would take the surname of the groom, or double barrel her name if she wanted to keep her surname. However, 7% of grooms in 2017 changed their surnames to match the bride.
2% of couples decided on a very modern take, and blended the 2 surnames to create a new name for both.

To reflect the modern society, 2% of people changed their Facebook relationship status at the ceremony! A quarter of people created a #Hashtag for their big day to use across social media platforms to make photo sharing easier.

Liberty Pearl Photography
Liberty Pearl Photography


Hitch has announced Asia as the most popular destination for honeymooners throughout 2017.

15% of people enjoyed both a honeymoon and a mini moon!

Toby Lowe Photography
Toby Lowe Photography

We hope you found the facts as interesting as we did!

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