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Thursday 5th May, 2016|Category: News
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“We couldn’t be happier with our amazing wedding photos courtesy of Liberty Pearl Photography. Amber was a joy to work with – she is so friendly and shoots really naturally and unobtrusively. We knew that we didn’t want many formal and posed pictures and Amber captured so many spontaneous moments, and the happiness of the day. As one of us (the bride) is a visual artist the look of our wedding photos were very important; Amber’s vision and distinctive style exceeded our expectations, the images are truly beautiful. Our wedding day was not that traditional and Amber understood the look and feel that we were aiming for, and translated this into her amazing images. Thank you for capturing the happiest and most exciting day of our lives so beautifully.”
Beth and Dan, married at Plymouth City Museum with reception at Kingsand Village Hall, Cornwall


Reading through the testimonials on Amber’s website it is very easy to see why we have chosen her as our Supplier Love this month. We have partnered with Amber on a number of occasions and her generosity and professionalism is out of this world! We could never thank her enough for all she does for the hotel! Having photographed one of our stylised wedding shoots and more recently photographed our Vintage Experience Winners, Amber gave us everything we could have hoped for and more. Thank you!

Amber’s reportage style of photography is very natural, unobtrusive, and relaxed so she easily captures the special and spontaneous natural moments, to tell the perfect story and convey the happiness and ambience of the day. He style is like no-one else’s and that’s what makes her so special in her field. She has such a highly professional approach with an organised, efficient service. You can completely tell that she is highly committed to what she does.

Amber is an expert when it comes to wedding photography so we thought we would pick her brain so you feel more prepared when it comes to choosing your photographer and all the other bits and bobs that comes with it:

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When did you get into wedding photography?

I loved photography from the age of about 11. I had a small film camera and took it everywhere with me. So my love for photography grew from there.

But I didn’t start my business until 2013 so it took me a while to get the courage to quit my job and start up as a freelance photographer.

I shot my first wedding in August 2007. I was asked by a friend because her photographer had let her down at the last minute.  Before then I had never ever considered being a wedding photographer, however I absolutely loved it and started shooting weddings from that day.

Do you have a wedding or photo that you have taken that has been a particular favourite?

It has to be a recent destination wedding in Northern Spain next to a mountain forest. It was so beautiful there the light was just so spectacular and everything was so colourful, and the views were something else.

Has there been a crazy or unique photo that you have taken?

The craziest photo has been during a styled wedding shoot I asked the model to sit in a flowerbed full of beautiful tulips! She must have thought I was crazy! But the photos look amazing!!

Do you have any tips for camera shy couples?

  1. Find a photographer that you like and feel comfortable with; it will make you feel more relaxed on the day.
  1. Have an engagement session! This will allow you and your partner chance to:
  • practice having your photo taken professionally
  • get to know your wedding photographer and their shooting style
  • gives your photographer a chance to gain your trust in the fact that they can make you look amazing!!
  • gives you a chance to see how you look the best and what angles and poses look and feel most natural for you.

What type of cameras do you use and what’s your back up plan? 

I use a collection of Nikon DSLR cameras, which produce the very best quality, ultra sharp images. My favourite camera which is amazing in low light is the Nikon D750.  I go a little over the top and have 4 camera bodies (just in case) with a range of lenses 5 in total; I also have extra memory cards and batteries! You can never be to cautious!

What would be your top tips for couples who are just about to begin their wedding journey?

Choosing your photographer is so difficult; I am finding it hard choosing a photographer for my own wedding! Here are a few questions I would advise you to ask a photographer before making a booking:

  1. Request to see the images from a few complete weddings, instead of just a sampling of their best photos. This way, you can better judge the photographer’s work and see how they photograph the entire spectrum of a wedding―the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, and the portraits. Asking to see a few weddings also shows consistency in their quality and style.
  2. Can I meet you before the wedding? You should always meet the photographer before your wedding day, they may shoot amazing photos but could be very loud, bossy and completely take over your wedding day. If you can’t meet them then definitely speak on the phone, this helps get to know the photographer and see if you like their personality.
  3. What type of cameras do you use, and will you have any backups in case something breaks or doesn’t work? If you want the best pictures, hire someone who uses the latest top-quality equipment. A true professional will arrive at the wedding prepared with more than one camera and lens. Also checked they are insured in case they damage memory cards/films.
  4. What happens if it rains? Unfortunately in the UK, this does tend to happen quite frequently, so make sure your photographer has a plan for it and should discuss a “plan B” with you before the big day. Most photographers carry a couple of very handy large umbrellas and modern cameras can withstand a lot of rain – basically it shouldn’t stop you having stunning pictures. But if you don’t fancy braving the rain your photographer should be flexible and they can take the group photos and bride and groom portraits later in the day when the rain has stopped, rather than inside the venue.
  5. How many photos do I receive? and are they in colour or black and white? You would be surprised how many people forget to ask this, some brides assume their package includes all the photos from the day. Some photographers only give 100 images from a 10 hour wedding and you have to pay extra for each image above this. I always give 500-800 images in colour and black and white so you receive over 1000 images in total.

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Tell us what inspires you?

My parents were both photographers and I loved watching them develop their images and create beautiful pieces of artwork from the home dark room! It was like magic to me watching the photos develop in front of my eyes!

Inspiring photographers – I would say Ed Peers. He captures such beautiful locations all over the world and such beautiful photos. I also love a young aspiring photographer call Hannah Beth from the USA. She again travels the world capturing such pure love and natural moments.

What makes you stand out to couples?

My mission is to have a personal connection with my clients and to become their friend. By getting to know my couples and making them feel very relaxed I capture their natural love, happiness and joy beautifully and creatively. I will also go above and beyond the call of duty as a photographer, I am happy to help with wedding planning, timings, finding wedding suppliers, buttoning up dresses, holding babies, and much more. I love helping people so it makes me happy to know that I can add an extra helping hand on the day.

Tell us about the future – what are the grand plans for Liberty Pearl?

I have a series of workshops starting around the subjects of wedding photography and how to start a new business. I recently moved into a beautiful new office on The Hoe and I am expanding my team. So it’s going to be a very busy and exciting year.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I LOVE a wedding that isn’t the traditional ‘cookie cutter’ type wedding. I love capturing weddings that reflect a couple and their personalities however quirky, non-traditional and offbeat this may be. Environmental portraits are my passion. I adore beautiful fields flowing with fresh wild flowers, stunning coastlines, rolling green hills, the wide-open landscapes of Dartmoor, The Natural Trust, and forests. Sunset is my favourite time of the day to photograph couples.


I think you’ll agree, Amber knows what she is talking about and is passionate when it comes to photographing weddings. We couldn’t recommend Amber enough – with her you will get professionalism, a keen eye for detail and the shots people don’t see, beautiful photos and not to mention a friendly face and a truly lovely person.

Thank you again Amber, we love working with you – you’re a star!

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