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Monday 25th April, 2016|Category: News

On the 24th April, The Duke of Cornwall Hotel played host to Nigel Voisey’ s Titanic and White Star Line exhibition – highlighting the connection between Plymouth and the infamous Ship.

Firstly, we have to say we were completely amazed by the number of people who arrived for the event, clearly the story is far from forgotten and this event was about keeping the memory of those who lost their lives alive. We are so thankful to you all for your support and patience on the day, it was appreciated by all of the team.

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The Exhibition consisted of artefacts, displays, newspaper cuttings and presentations from Nigel Voisey. It was a packed day – not only of people – but also of memorabilia. Descendants of the Titanic crew supported the event. We were thrilled to welcome the son of a Titanic Steward and the Grandson of the ships Engine Room Greaser.

“I am overwhelmed with the amount of people who came. I expected more in the region of 400-500 people and there I was, staying open an extra hour and a half to get over 1000 people in! It was so fantastic, it just proves that Plymouth needs a Titanic Exhibition to commemorate it’s links. The Duke of Cornwall Hotel was the absolute perfect place to hold the event, with it’s own ties to the ship and the crew with the stewardesses who stayed at the hotel after the disaster. We even had family members of the crew pop by and bring their own artefacts from the Titanic. I hope Plymouth City Council see the turnout for this event  and realise that this is a permanent exhibition that we need here – this proves what I’ve known all along…that people will go to it.”
Nigel Voisey 

“This is a huge day in Plymouth (24th April) for anniversaries, there is a church service for the Blitz and we’ve got Transat here too. We have also got this very important occasion and it’s to remember the role that The Duke of Cornwall Hotel played, once again, in an epic part of Plymouth’s history”
Cllr Tudor Evans

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167 surviving crew came to Plymouth via the SS Lapland on the 28th April 1912. Along with this fascinating exhibition we also unveiled a plaque in our reception dedicated to the memory of the 20 stewardesses who survived the disaster and stayed in our hotel for one night on the 28th April 1912.

“When we met Nigel from the Titanic society we immediately realised the historical importance and knew we needed to inform our guests and visitors. We were proud to unveil the plaque on Sunday and were overwhelmed with the numbers that queued patiently around the building to view the collection. Thankfully the sun was shining and all the guests were in good spirits and enjoyed the exhibition.”
Jonothan Morcom

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As such a massive supporter of Nigel and his collection we love that the exhibition is owned by him.
“When I was 6 or 7 years old the Titanic was re-discovered, it was on the news one evening so I asked my mum what is was and she replied “just some old ship”. I wanted to know more so the next day I went to the school library and read a book about it and fell in love! When I started working I had the money to go out and buy bits and bobs and my collection grew. The rest, as they say, is history”
Nigel Voisey

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We created a video of the day that can be found here on our YouTube page.

Thank you again to all who attended the event. You can find out more about upcoming events and media coverage on the Titanic and Plymouth Facebook page. Thank you to Mike Kinsey Photography for capturing the day you can find him on Facebook and Twitter

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