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Tuesday 8th March, 2016|Category: News

Today is International Women’s Day and the women who attend Women’s Space in association with Shekinah, The Eddystone Trust and Trevi House, are celebrating in style with a cream tea here at The Duke.

Women’s Space is about inspiring, supporting and empowering women to have a voice and move forward into achieving their full potential. We were more than happy to open our doors to these amazing ladies and provide a luxurious experience.

Upon arrival the ladies were escorted into our restaurant and treated to tea and coffee with home-made scones, of course topped with jam and cream (controversial Cornwall style). They sat around tables and began talking to successful business women, who kindly took time out of their day to inspire the ladies, after all today is the day we celebrate strong, successful women. Thank you to Clare Casson from the BBC, Claire Robinson from Extra Help, Karen Friendship from Aldermans and Tracie Gunningham from Envy Hair.

Goodie bags were supplied for each attendee full of treats and beauty supplies kindly donated by Envy Hair Salon – containing teabags, a nail buffer, hotflex spray to protect hair from styling, curl lotion and shampoo – – pamper away ladies!

Women’s Space runs weekly from Shekinah’s drop-in centre in Bath Street and offers a safe and friendly place for women to go, hang out and learn from each other. The Duke of Cornwall Hotel has recently begun to support Shekinah by offering work placements to service users moving into employment, as well as working with Shekinah’s construction based social initiative offering painting and decorating work.

“The event has been an opportunity to celebrate women around the world, to recognise phenomenal achievements and world changing contributions made by women, but to also acknowledge that there are many women around the world who are not free to express themselves due to cultural restrictions, slavery and domestic violence.”










One lady who attended the event said:

“Women’s Space puts on sessions that are different every week ranging from Body Balance to Mind Relaxation. It was so lovely to do something different, we try to encourage women who are isolated or nervous of social situations to come to events like this to help them meet new people who may be in the same boat as them and this event was the perfect way to do that. The goodie bags and delicious food immediately gave them something to talk about which allowed them to strike up conversation without having to think too much about it. Perfect.”

You can find out more about Shekinah on their Website or Facebook. Also, if you want to read more about International Women’s Day and how to get involved you can find all the information here.


Thank you for coming ladies – we can’t wait to welcome you back!

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