The Lady behind the International Concert Series

Friday 29th April, 2016|Category: News

Jeanie Moore’s International Concert Series have been held at the Duke for a while now so we decided it was about time to properly introduce you to the lady behind the amazing musical treats!

Jeanie was kind enough to take time out to come and have a cup of tea and a chat with us about her concert series.

Why did you start the concert series?

From the age of three I’ve always sung and from the age of five I used to always be on the stage, I love music and have always loved music. I wanted to be a singer and when I met my late husband he sang, so he came to my house, I played the piano and we sang together. After moving overseas, we were asked to perform on TV in the states and we did three concerts and then started singing professionally for 10 years. Sometime after I started to want to put music on in beautiful places with beautiful paintings and beautiful musicians. I did my first professional concert for the YMCA, then I started doing concerts elsewhere. One day, back in 1993 I was in the City Museum and Art Gallery and the curator asked me if I would run a lunchtime concert series, now 23 years down the road it is an international series. I’ve had people from all over the world on my platform.

How do you choose the musicians who perform?

They are all friends of mine.  I want people that my audience will enjoy, people who are familiar, I often hear or see someone and think my audience will like them. I never have someone that I haven’t heard before.

Do you have a favourite performer that you have worked with over the years?

It is so hard to pick just one, I like a big variety of music. Julian Lloyd-Webber is a wonderful cellist, Mark Bevington is such a talented pianist, Craig Ogden is an amazing guitarist. They are all dear friends of mine so it’s very hard to pick one and I like all the different instruments. Those three tend to come to mind but there, of course, are others. Clive Jenkis for example who is a beautiful composer. I could go on all day…!

Why did you choose The Duke as your venue?

Well for starters the restaurant is so perfect for the acoustics with that big, beautiful domed ceiling – out of all my venues the hotel definitely is the best for sound. The Duke is just so welcoming and all of the staff are very supportive of the concerts and the people who come and perform.

Do you think there will ever be a farewell concert for you?

Never, music is my life and with so many organisations in the City stopping live music, I think it’s more important then ever to keep it going. Plymouth is a creative City and it needs music. I wont give it up until I fall off my perch!


52 Strings and a Bow is the next concert in Jeanie’s series. Peter Fisher playing the Violin and Dorothy Linell playing the Theorbo and Guitar. Peter and Dorothy like to set the scene for their performances with brief and enlightening introductions to the music, composers and instruments. They have a huge repertoire of songs ranging from the Renaissance to the present day, from virtuosic Baroque sonatas to Neapolitan love songs. Tickets are £10 from the hotel (call 01752 275850) or via We Got Tickets website.

We are so thrilled that Jeanie hosts her International Concert Series at the hotel, it seems the perfect grand venue for such incredible musicians!

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