Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Friday 27th July, 2018|Category: News

It has been a special day at the hotel today with not one, but two lovely couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries.

Jon and Margaret Newell returned to the Duke this morning to celebrate an amazing fifty years of marriage. The couple held their wedding at a local church on 27th July 1968 before returning to our Ballroom with a hundred of their friends and family. They fondly remember their wedding breakfast, with a starter of Prawn Cocktail, a main course of Chicken and a Fruit Salad dessert. Jon and Margaret then spent their honeymoon in Mallorca for two weeks in the sun. When asked the secret to a long and happy marriage, the couple both smiled and agreed that tolerance played an important role!

Al and Joannie Carwithen visited the hotel this afternoon with their family following 40 years of happy marriage. Al and Joannie held their wedding ceremony at St Andrews Church on 29th July 1978, before returning to our Ballroom for their wedding breakfast and reception. They remember their first dance and returned to our dance floor once more to reminisce. It is clear that Al and Joannie are still very much in love, both saying that the key to their marriage is a strong friendship. Al spent many years in the forces, which they both agree has made their relationship stronger. Joannie said that she couldn’t imagine life without Al, which we think is a fantastic testament to their love.

It was lovely to meet both couples and we wish them many more happy years of marriage.

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