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Friday 1st April, 2016|Category: News
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This month we are sending our Supplier Love to Flourish – wedding flowers in Plymouth with a flourish !
They create a spectacular ambience with their fantastic range of wedding hire products. Everything you need from exquisite silk wedding flower arrangements, wedding trees and wedding arches as well as their stunning illuminated LOVE sign and their really fun Photo Booth Wall for your wedding.

“Have the Hollywood wedding without the celebrity budget”

Here at The Duke we work closely with Flourish; they helped to create the Mini Duke at The Big Day Wedding Show and they are also stylising our next wedding shoot here next month – we can’t recommend Jayne enough for her professionalism and attention to detail.

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We were lucky enough to get a bit of time with Jayne (between her many weddings and busy schedule) to sit down and have a natter with her about Flourish and grab some expert tips.

When did you start designing wedding flowers?

We started for my sisters wedding in 2009, we wanted her to have the dream wedding and the looks that your see in the movies. We wanted an arch and big elaborate candelabras, but it was a struggle to find any modern designs or suppliers in Plymouth to offer this. We had always loved a particular silk flower company called Sia and already had a section of silk arrangements at home, we contacted them in regards to buying wholesale and that was the start.  The venue where she got married said we should do their wedding fair, and so flourish was born.

Do you have a favourite colour combination?

I like lots of combinations, the ones I like most are the themes that have lots of colours in it. It creates interests and sets a nice tone.

Do you have an arrangement that is a particular favourite and why?

I recently made a beautiful floral crown for a very pretty little flower girl, the colours were purples and pink and I did a mix of fresh flowers and silk. The combination was just adorable and with her pretty grey dress it looked perfect, along with a very cute flower wand for her to hold.

You must have some crazy and unique requests?

My sister recently got married and had a fairytale theme, each table was different, from a Harry Potter table to a Lord of the Rings table. We were able to go completely wild with our ideas.

What would be your top tips for couples who are just about to begin their wedding journey?

Use the suppliers that are out there. I find that lots of couples try to do DIY, they’ve seen it on Pinterest and want to have a go themselves. This is great if you want to become really involved but beware it often does not save money! I would suggest to speak to the professionals, they can get you involved in the creative side and you will come out with a well made product. I would hire or buy yourself, it reduces the costs and the waste and you can then enjoy the wedding knowing that the professionals have it in hand.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I get inspiration from everywhere, fashion magazine, Instagram, interior design…you can find beauty anywhere and it will lead on to something else. I might see a table in a beautiful colour that goes with a beautiful throw, this can lead on to creating a wedding theme.

Why you stand out to a couple and what makes you special?

We are always looking to the future, we like to be trend setting. With our silk flower option we put in more flowers above what you’ve paid for as we want it to look amazing. As the flowers are hired we get them back, so the main thing is the look. We also provide a design service, we will point our couples in the right direction making design suggestions not just on flowers, but to create a whole theme. We create Pinterest boards for each bride which she can also pin too as well as us, so we are always on the same page!

What’s new in the world of Flourish?

We now offer a fresh flower service in which we use cutting edge designs so you can get the best of both worlds. From large elaborate silk centrepieces and fresh bouquets to thank you gifts.

You can find Flourish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course their Website

Thank you for sitting down to have a chat with us – we loved writing about you and thank you for your continued support of the Hotel – you’re so FAB!

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