Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’s Guitar Revolution

Saturday 11th March 2017
From: 8:00 pm

The following information was provided by the production organisers. For full details, please visit the Barbican Theatre website.

B-Bar and Barbican Theatre present Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’s Guitar Revolution on Saturday 11 March from 8pm (in the auditorium). Tickets £5.

In 2016, guitarist and composer Chris Woods wrote a revolutionary and mesmerising piece of music for an infinite number of guitars. Constructed from four parts ranging from insanely simplistic to advanced; everyone and anyone was able to join a mass guitar orchestra and perform the piece. The piece was giving its debut airing at The London Olympia in September ’16 and proved to be so popular it was over subscribed.

Guitar Revolution is now going out on tour, across the UK. The show is an exciting mix of performances from the guitar bending ‘Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’ and guest artists. The show finale is a performance of ‘Guitar Revolution’. Players of all abilities and ages are invited to learn the piece online for free and join the orchestra for the performance of the piece ‘Guitar Revolution’.

Chris describes the show ‘as an opportunity to see the guitar pushed to its limits, and witness an inspirational orchestra of guitarness’. He goes on to describe how ‘the piece itself was designed to be emotional and inspiration both in sound and in its principal, there’s few things in life that are more inspiring than when people of all different backgrounds, ages and abilities get together.’ he says.

So, whether you want to go along as an audience member and witness some seriously exciting guitar playing or perhaps you want to be a part of the orchestra and perform ‘Guitar Revolution’.

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