Half Term Aquarium Fun

Starts: Monday 17th October 2016
Ends: Friday 28th October 2016
From: 10:00 am

Half-term is around the corner and we understand that its now time for some family fun, and at the Aquarium we are putting on something a little different. Rather than the hustle and bustle we’re offering a chance for families to relax and explore their creative side together with our Sketching for Sea-renity event!

Everyday this half-term we will be offering sea-renity sketchbooks for children to immortalise their favourite sea-creature. It is well documented that watching sea-life has a positive impact on the mind. Creating a calm and relaxing state of mind and removing stress causing peace of mind. The same can be said for an hour of creative outlets such as drawing or colouring. So we decided to combine them both for a truly great week to cleanse the mind.

You’ll be creating mindful memories with your families whilst experiencing a calming ocean environment. So grab your pens and pencils and join Zentickle the Octopus for a whole array of relaxing activities this Autumn half term.

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